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Choco Blast Cone
The Choco Blast Cone we offer are offered with goodcrunchiness and delectable taste.These are made from delicious premium chocolate. Supplied cones are rich in chocolate sundae. Supplied cones are super healthy cones,included with the purest as well as most hygienic ingredients. 

Pik It Wafer Biscuits
We offer top-quality Pik It Wafer Biscuits, which are crisp, very thin, often sweet,dry, flat, and light biscuits of delectable taste. These are often utilized to decorate ice cream as well as garnish on several types of sweet dishes. 

Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bars are offered with mouth-watering and irresistible taste. These are made from high-quality as well as fresh ingredients for providing a finger-linking taste with assorted health benefits.

Chocolate Spread
Chocolate spreads are the chocolate-flavored pastes, which taste chocolaty and sweet. These can be eaten by spreading on breads as well as toasts. These are spread on waffles, pitas, pancakes,and muffins. These do not harden, even at room temperature.

Compound Chocolate
Compound Chocolate are just like 'real' chocolate, as its main ingredient comes from the cacao bean. It also has vegetable fats, as well. It can be used as substitute to real chocolate. 

Flavoured Toppings
Flavored toppings we offer are used to add exquisite taste andsweet flavor to several food items. These are utilized for masking undesirable flavor and allow for increase acceptability of food.

Choco Blast Jar
Choco blast jars are offered in the flavors of Chocolate, Almond, Coffee, Mint, and Orange. These are offered with freshness, rich aroma, crispy texture and long shelf life. 

Joy Choco Blast Jar
Joy Choco blast jar is a delicious premium chocolate included with the goodness of pure as well as hygienic ingredients. This is best to eat anytime and is offered with unadulterated nature. This is offered with optimum quality and mouth-watering flavor. 

Sugar Waffle Cone
Sugar Waffle cones can be used as the tastiest toppings on the ice cream. These also pair well with frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, and even granola. Wafflesare great source of fiber and are liked by both adult and kids. 

Premium Milk Chocopaste
The Premium Milk Chocopastes can be used for biscuits, ice cream and other bakery products. These are also used to make confectionery sweets, cake toppings, home-made chocolates, decorative chocolates and cream fillings. 

Cake Premix is utilized to make love cakes, cupcakes and muffins in different flavors. The mix is utilized well while baking. The premix is included withseveral ingredients which arerequired for baking a perfect cake. 

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